The short history of the Community centre

Firstly, the Community Centre was in the József A. street.  The building was finish in October of 1944, but the commencement was held on the 1st of May in 1950. There was beef stew and cultural programmes. The stage was rebuilt in 1951, the telephone was installed in 1952. There was no water pipe at that time, the floor was oily, it was floored with parquet in 1965. It gave home to culture for almost 20 years, then the building was formed into a clothes factory on the 31st of January in 1970 called Május 1. Ruhagyár.

At that time, the Institute moved to the Táncsics M. Street. 16.

This building was probably built in the 1800s. At the very beginning it was the seat of the different guilds and the industry establishment. They bought it in 1838. The founder of the establishment was Kupa, Árpád. Its members were craftsmen, tradesmen mostly, but the local intellectuals visited it regularly. It had got its own library and subscribed newspapers.

There was a reading room, card room, hall, ballroom, stage. The Fire fighter’s Brigade was founded from the members of the establishment. Different companies had the chance to show their programmes. The young industrial workers’ exhibition was held here every year. After 1948 it became the seat of the KIOSZ. between the years 1952-56, the youth organisation of the Vörös Csillag TSZ. was working here.

It became the seat of the Community Centre in 1970.


It had independent directors from 1954:


1954 – 1960: Nagy, Antal

1960 – 1983: Kun, László

1983 – 1987: Takács, Mihály

1987 – 1989: Sipos, Sándor

1989 – 1993: Czikkely, Anna

1993 – 1998: Debreczni, Lászlóné

1998 – 2008: Budai, Judit

2008 -          : Kovács, István


Activites nowadays


-          creation of new traditions, exploration of traditions, art, intellectual, environmental  values of the town

-          enrichment of the local intellectual habits

-          to support the amateur companies

-          to help the local social life

-          local celebrations


Active groups working in the institute to keep the traditions


-          Aprók Tánca (nursery school children’s folkdance group)

-          Egres Kis Lajos folkdance group

-          Madarász Károly folksong group

-          Folk Art of Decoration group

-          song club


Creative art groups:

-          Foltra – Folt kör (patchwork group)

-          Korda Zoltán Photo club

-          group of fine art artists living in Túrkeve

Retired people’s club


Free time groups:


Pigeons and pets club

Chess Club

Korda Film club


Healthy living clubs:

Együtt Egymásért (the club of sick people with tumour)

Kevi Heart Association

Disabled people’s group

Blind people’s group


Our groups usually meet every month or every week.


Organising photo exhibitions is one of our very important tasks, which aim is to introduce local artists.

Our programmes are the following: Children’s day, Folk song festival, shepherd’s festival.

There are some new programmes, e.g. young people’s day, Marton’s Day, Song evenings.

We take part in the local events like The Shepherd festival and the Town’s Day

We take part in the national holidays, e.g.: teacher’s day,the 15th of March,  the 20th of August,  the 23rd of October, the memory day of Trianon, the 6th of October, etc.


There are also courses held in the institute e.g.: language courses, dance lessons, commercial courses.


Opening hours:

From Monday to Friday: 8-12. , 13-17.

The institute is open according to the local events.

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