Rules for use – General rules

The library is a public library: its services may be available for anyone who respects the Rules for use.


Users can be

Visitors are entitled to

-          visit the library

-          get information about our services, collections, the system of the library

-          use printed documents in the library only

-          take part in lessons, different programmes

-          buy a daily ticket, so they can the computers, the Internet


Members can be who are registered

Membership is taken out through the admission procedure. The membership and registration include recording the user’s personal data and issuing the uniform library card, which is necessary for using the collections of the branch libraries.

People under the age of 18 are needed to have a parental permission.

Services for registered members:

-          computers with Internet connection, gateway to databases

-          wireless internet connection

-          information about our catalogues, equipment, e-learning, e-administration

-          borrowing documents

-          service of interlibrary borrowing

-          advanced booking



-          books: five items, for three weeks

-          documents for limited period of time

-          periodical issues: five items for three weeks


Overdue charges for the documents and appliances checked in after the expiry date should be paid by everyone regardless of any discount.  5 HUF/day


Lost membership cards: 100 HUF

damaged bar-code: 200 HUF


Renewing the due date can be done once either personally or by phone. It does not refer to the requested and reserved documents, the instructional packages and the ones which can be borrowed for a time shorter than three weeks.


Service fees:

registration fee:  800 HUF / 12 months

500 HUF / 6 months

preferential registration: 500 HUF / year

daily ticket: 100 HUF / day

preferential registration:  for people under 16, over 70, librarian



every begun half hour: 100 HUF



a/4 one page: 30 HUF / page

a/4 both pages: 50 HUF / page

a/3 one page: 40 HUF / page

a/3 both pages: 60 HUF / page




1-20 pages: 200 HUF

over 20 pages: +5 HUF / page




a/4 page: 100 HUF

a/3 page: 200 HUF





a/4 text: 50 HUF

a/4 picture: 200 HUF



a/4 text: 100 HUF

a/4 picture: 400 HUF

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